Ecological products are also welcome at home.

For your laundry or your dishwasher, we offer you products with the minimum of ingredients and respectful of your health and the planet.

In addition, we work with refillable bottles to minimise our energy impact.


  • Laundry soap

    Available very soon.

    The tests of the different recipes are in progress ...

  • Dishwashing powder

    For a long time now, we have been testing various recipes for "homemade" dishwasher powders.

    Unfortunately, none of them can achieve a perfect result. At least once a month, you should always use a "classic" organic powder to clean your dishwasher.

    Nevertheless, we have adopted 2 recipes that we think are the most effective.

    You can either make the mixture yourself by buying the products from your favourite chemist, or you can buy the ready-made mixture from this site.

    We recommend alternating the two recipes (with and without percarbonate) for a better result.

    The recipe is "public". Please feel free to comment and suggest improvements.

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