Minimalist magnetic soap dish - made in France - without packaging
  • Minimalist magnetic soap dish - made in France - without packaging

Minimalist magnetic soap dish - made in France - without packaging

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Attractive and practical magnetic holder for solid soap. Made in France, the minimalist magnetic soap holder enhances the soap. Fast and complete drying of the soap. Increased shelf life.

Forget soft soap that sticks or drips. The solid soap levitates vertically. Always at hand, it can be replaced easily and without mess.

Holds up to 200 grams vertically and up to 400 grams horizontally.

Sold in bulk, without packaging. Compatible with all types of solid care products (soaps, shampoos), except crumbly products.

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Packaging: By the piece (in bulk)

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200 grams levitating

Small but strong. The suction cup is small, the holder almost invisible. But it holds up to 200 grams of solid soap vertically. Who can beat that?
A playful soap dish

Epidemic or not, children need to get into the habit of washing their hands regularly. It's almost like a game to them with the minimalist soap dish. The soap is within their reach and they love to grab it and then magnetise it. You'll see, they'll ask to wash their hands more often than usual!
The characteristics of the magnetic soap dish in brief

    Practical and mobile: the minimalist soap dish is easy to attach, without holes or glue, thanks to its magnetic suction cup. You can move it whenever you want, and you can even take it on holiday!
    Ecological and sustainable: it helps to reduce plastic packaging in the bathroom.  Its use is sustainable.
    Economical: the soap dries on all its surfaces simultaneously. You forget about standing water and the resulting soap waste. Your soap has less residual waste and lasts longer, so you buy less.
    Minimalist: your soap is levitated in the shower, sink or bathtub. The already very small magnetic soap dish disappears and all you see is the soap.
    Longer soap life
    No direct contact area between soap and holder.

Made in France

Chamarrel® supports French craftsmanship by having qualified craftsmen manufacture in France and locally. This is how the minimalist magnetic soap holder was designed. Not only are its suction cup and cap French, but also the presentation supports for professional retailers in shops
Strengthens the local economic fabric

The Chamarrel® minimalist soap dish is the result of a collaboration with French companies and local partners, for the design, assembly and conception of displays, presentation supports for shops. This boosts local economic activity.
Supports the social and solidarity economy

The design of the minimalist soap dish involves local workers with disabilities and contributes to their integration through work. The assembly of the soap dish is carried out in a nearby ESAT.

How to use the star accessory of the bathroom?

You can place the suction cup on any clean, smooth and smooth surface (such as glass, washbasin, mirror, faIence, bathtub).

As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you test the suction cup with any surface to see if it is compatible with the suction cup.

Indispensable in the zero waste bathroom, it will also be very useful in the kitchen to hold your household soap or your Marseille soap for the dishes.

    Insert the capsule in the centre of the soap, by hand, and lather around it.
    Let dry 8 hours before the first use.
    Attach the suction cup to a smooth, clean, dry and smooth wall.
    Place the soap on the suction cup.

Tips: To remove the soap from the suction cup on a daily basis, rotate it (rather than pulling it) so that the cap does not come off the soap.

On very dry soap, operate gently by wetting the soap beforehand and/or by pushing the cap under a stream of water.


The Minimalist soap dish is not a toy; do not leave the metal cap and suction cup within the reach of small children. Risk of swallowing the small parts.

Do not damage the magnet of the suction cup. Do not use metal tools to handle it (pliers, etc.) to avoid rust.

Keep away from electronic objects. Its magnet is strong.


Clean the suction cup and the magnet part with clear water on a weekly basis and let them dry to avoid the incrustation of residues that could damage the seal of the magnet.


As the zero waste soap dish is made up of small parts, it can be dangerous for young children. It is advisable to supervise children when they handle the solid soap.

Caution: the magnet is powerful, so keep electronic objects away from it to avoid any interference or malfunction.

    Article made up of 2 parts: a suction cup containing a powerful magnet and a capsule to be inserted into the soap.
    Neodymium magnet with anti-rust epoxy sealing.
    Stainless steel capsule.
    Net weight: 12 grams.
    Diameter of suction cup: 3.5 cm / Height of suction cup + magnet: 1.5 cm
    Capsule diameter: 2.2 cm / Capsule height: 0.5 cm
    Magnet colour: silver

Maximum weight supported :

    200 g: in all positions including vertical.
    400 g : horizontal (suction cup fixed on a horizontal plane)


Made in France.



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