Liquid products

In our search for the essentials, we found an excellent Belgian manufacturer, based in the Liege region. It offers liquid soaps and other organic care products: Floressence. We suggest you take advantage of our group buying to get them at a much more affordable price than in supermarkets.

Here is an overview of their range.

Other products may soon be added according to your requests


  • Shower gel - bubble bath

    Some people prefer liquid soap, so this section is for you!

    We offer products from floressence, an organic wholesaler .... excellent Belgian manufacturer of liquid soaps and other organic skin care products based in the Liege region.

    With a minimum of ingredients, the liquid products are very pleasant for the skin and much more affordable here than in the supermarkets. We buy in bulk from them so we can share this great deal with you!

    The containers are refillable, which is not negligible in the zero waste approach...

  • Natural BIO deodorant

    A natural organic deodorant for the whole family.

    Very economical and refillable thanks to the 1 litre refill.

  • Liquid shampoo BIO

    We offer liquid shampoos in a variety of scents. Take your pick!

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