Naoh Soap is a beautiful family story

It's a crazy idea to live a dream, to build and share a knowledge.

It is us, Muriel and Jean-Philippe, happy and in love, parents of four children and project leaders.

She, Muriel Orange: artist, teacher, dynamic and curious to create and invent. For her, soap is a material like a sculpture, an object to create.

He, Jean-Philippe Gerkens: engineer, master in environment, passionate about ecological issues, cartesian and methodical. For him, the soap universe is the construction and sharing of knowledge.

And then there is our eldest daughter who is interested in everything and is already actively involved with us.

Our strength is you, your specific requests, your suggestions, your questions, your desires. We listen to you and create a moment of softness for your skin, in your kitchen or bathroom.


We are at the beginning of our journey, we want to share our knowledge, offer training, meet you...but patience. One thing at a time!


We look forward to hearing from you about our products, we will be very attentive!