The Scout - Always clean!
Multi-purpose soap
100% biodegradable

It was specially developed to accompany camps and WE scouts for various uses, but also hikers and campers. The aim was to find a unique, multi-purpose formula, offering a credible alternative to the many industrial soaps "needed" for each specific use.
It contains green clay for its degreasing properties and to care for oily and acne-prone skin. In order to make it usable by all, we have chosen not to use essential oils.
Like all the other soaps in our range, it is cold-saponified and made by hand from organic ingredients.

For which uses?

  • For the body: proceed as with a normal hard soap
  • For the hair: lather in the hands or in a soap bag, apply the lather to the hair and rinse (sometimes it takes time to adapt depending on the type of hair)
  • For dishes and surfaces: rub the soap onto a damp sponge, clean and then rinse while singing
  • For clothes: rub the soap into the stains before washing by hand or machine
  • For floors: grate and dissolve some soap shavings in hot water, then wash as usual

Where to find it? At what price?
Originally, this soap was sold exclusively by and for the benefit of the Scouts, but we have received requests for support for other projects in schools and elsewhere ... and we have obviously responded positively. So don't hesitate to tell us about your projects ...
Scout units or schools or associations wishing to earn money can buy boxes of 25 soaps at a price of 4 Euros per soap. Regarding the selling price, we leave you the choice of your commercial policy: either an attractive price of 6 Euros ... to sell as many as possible, or a support price of 7 Euros ... to maximise your profit per soap. This leaves you with the choice between a profit of 50 Euros per box of 25 (if selling price = 6 Euros) or 75 Euros per box of 25 (if selling price = 7 Euros).
PROMOTION: 1 box of 25 "scout" badges offered (resale value = 75 Euros) from a purchase of 4 boxes of 25 soaps.

Contact us by email to receive a "special scout" access to the web-shop for your orders (contact(a)

A personalised packaging (unit logo ? troop name ?) or a personalised engraving of the soaps is possible from an order of 200 soaps (no extra charge for the personalised packaging ; for the engraving, there is a small extra charge for the first order of engraved soaps - for the design of the model and the purchase of the stamp).

Contact us by email for your orders or for any other information: contact(a)