Nice accessories to brighten up uniforms ... or fridges ...

Scout theme or personalised, just for you ...

For scout use ... or to finance your projects.

Recommended retail price for badges or fridge magnets: 3 Euros (profit of 1,5 Euros).
Recommended retail price for bottle opener key rings, bottle opener magnets or small mirrors: 4 Euros (2 Euros profit).
Sold in cases of 25 (37.5 Euros per case of fridge badges or magnets and 50 Euros per case of bottle openers or mirrors.

The badge in the photo is 38mm, ideal for scout scarves :)

PROMOTION : 4 cases + 1 free

Please specify the desired model in the comments when ordering.

Badges available in 25, 38 or 56 mm.

Fridge magnets, bottle openers, key rings and mirrors available in 56 mm.
A customised design is possible, at no extra cost, for any order of minimum 200 badges/magnets (erratum in the table).

Badges are currently available in 3 sizes: 25mm, 38mm and 56mm.

- 25mm: pin badge or flat back badge (for scrapbooking or sticking on something)
- 38mm: pin badge
- 56mm: pin badge or fridge magnet or pocket mirror or bottle opener.

Contact us by mail to receive a "special scouts and association" access to the web-shop for your orders (contact(a) or also on (that's us too)