For several years now, we have been trying to get back to the "basics", whether in the field of food or in the field of basic necessities.

Soaps touch our skin directly and their quality is therefore of paramount importance.

With Naoh Soap, we want to share our know-how and our passion. In our products, there are only the essentials, with a minimum of products.

Our products are made from organic ingredients. The oils used are chosen for their specific properties. Packaging is reduced to a minimum. To take things a step further, we are even working on a seal concept to identify the soaps. The colours chosen are exclusively of natural origin.

And, above all, everything is handmade, exclusively in Brussels....

After that, we can dream, go further, grow (but not too much), call on sheltered workshops for certain tasks, donate some of the profits to meaningful causes... but we are not there yet. Everything will depend on you.